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Christopher Garden Creations


Bespoke Pergola in Medway.

 Our customer wanted

 a structure that

 not only look great but 

gave som​e form of shade

Composite Decking in Medway

Solid type composite decking boards, screwedwith colour coded ones, very hard wearing and sturdy.  Designed by Peter

Looks Great at night as well

The picture below is the same as this one, except for the time of day

Bespoke Pergola with handmade trellis, complete with plastic roof. Pergola in chatham kent

The design and building was by Peter.

Creating a fantastic area ready for all the family to enjoy. 

Decking in Medway Chatham Kent

Family size timber garden decking in medway kent, finished recently, waiting for the garden furniture

Decking and Trellis In Medway Kent

This trellis and deck was designed and installed in medway kent.  The trellis is handmade, glued and pinned, the width is wider than the trellis you get in the shops, and its using pressure treated timber, there are two sections of trellis one each side, the customer is going to grow plants up string which will look great. 

Medway Decking 

A family timber decking in medway kent, this design is the same as the one above with the two sections of handmade trellis.

Blends in really with the furniture.

Decking and trellis in kent

Large family size Decking in kent

This timber deck has to be one for the album some 40 sq m, allset for the family to enjoy, part of three sections in this garden

The second part of the above 

This entry decking is part of the three sections in this garden in kent

Third and final part of the above two decks in kent

This third section of deck in kent has been built where the washing line was, this area gets the sun most of the day just the right size for a bistro area

Just some of work composite smart board 

Smart board composite in battleship grey, faced screwed colour coded.

Standard Decking always a favourite

Lordswood Timber Decking installed in kent

Garden timber decking designed and installed, the family doggy liked it too, this customer also wanted a two tone garden bench made which has now been delivered, going to use it as a tablefor her Gin and Tonic

Handbuilt Bespoke Pergola and two flower tubs in kent

The pergola and tubs were made for a customer in Lordswood kent. The hot tub and deck base were already on site,making the pergola and tubs was a pleasure as it was the same customer as the decking above, lovely setting.

This type of structure creates a wonderful feature in any garden, but handmade is bespoke to you the customer, much stronger and better than any kit. 

Walderslade Kent Decking

This decking in kent includes two sections, a bench with a shelf at the back, and then a flower bed attched to the shelf.

Garden decking Design

This is whats behind the above bench, the shelf is for plants, drinks, mobile phone anything really, the flower bed once planted is going to be ilumminated by some solar lights on the shelf, going to look great, designed by Peter of CGC

PLease excuse my bag and flask, has to be done

Service Prices

Compare our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Once you have had your decking built you might want to keep the appearance of it as fresh as possible, this will not only help to prolong its life but take the maintenance out of your hands.  Sizes up to 20 sq m of decking.   

Weekly Service

From £39

Best for General Upkeep

General tidy up of the decking, check over of the boards, and unblock any of the ends of dust and grime to allow water to run off. 

This is ideal for busy households,  or for those who cannot carry out the task for any reasons.

30 mins to 1 Hour session