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One sided to me 

For years, in fact nearly 7, I was the one that got the work, I was the one that paid out, I was the one that paid for car repairs, I was the one that bought power tools, I was the one who thought of others before myself, I got the work to keep him going.

Got jobs for, well not me, did not get any work back from others at all.

Before 7 years the money was bad, took him on and paid more, but it was all one side, I got the work, never the other way round, was not included.

Now today working alone and better all round, less stress, my time is my time, can afford to take time off,  and no worrying about getting the job done on time.

The door to my work is rammed shut, locked up and unbreakable.

As they say the worm has changed.

Love what I do

This is the first year for many I am really enjoying, I mean really enjoying the work I do, I guess I have always but this year is the best I do believe.   

Enjoying life as well, I know covid is trying to put a damper on it, but I have followed the letter of the law as regards to covid rules, the only way I think, and we all have to live with it now as its not going to go away.

Getting the right kind of jobs that I want to do.

The job opposite was in gravesend, the biggest area I have done by myself, really enjoyed it. Two other areas were also done on the same garden.

Sometimes a good view is ok

The job I am working on at the moment has a view of the river medway, well its there somewhere, blocked by flats, well theres a surprise, shame really the view I am sure was great at one time, still thats progress for you take away all the views and get boring.

How not to Build a Deck

Many of us try to build a deck in the garden, some say "oh its not rocket science" in a way it kinda is.

Building a strong and long lasting deck is worth that extra time and money to get it right and the picture shown is certainly not the correct way.

This is a job I had recently and in the process of taking the old one up I found that it was built the way most would do it.

Drainage is the most important thing to get right in any deckbuild, especially when most of the frame is sitting off concrete, timber must never touch the ground because allit does soak up moisture like a sponge, pressure treated or not.  This one also had the beam spacings wrong,  they need to be a minimum of 400mm spacings some of these were 600mm. 

The supports are placed onto bricks which is the same as putting then straight onto the concrete, plastic shims or screws at the bottom of the supports allows the timber not the touch the ground.  No weed membrane was used either.

Having said all that it has lasted but willlast a lot longer and be stronger if it was done correctly.  

Its well worth the extra money to add years of use.

Another method used and is used by some professionals is whats called the picture frame surround, if you are to use this method then again think of drainage, allowing a gap between the main boards and the surround, also the frame must in two sections at this point this allows the water to drain off between, as you can here no gap was given and has simply rotted the timbers where water has sat.

Garden Benches and Pergolas

Garden structures are the most popular item all of us have at some point in our gardens.  Timber is not only the most asked for these days, its a natural product and blends in anywhere in gardens, treated timbers give around 15 years use if conditions allow, letting timber to get so wet and not dry out will shorten this life, I see fence posts, decking beams, deck boards sitting in the ground, expecting them to last, thats simply not true, treated timbers are not designed to be sitting in damp conditions 24/7, waste of time and money.

Timber needs to breath.

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14th May 2021

Today has beenh a good day, well said captain tom, yes its been a great day

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12th May 2021

Gardening is my passion, love plants, love timber structures, I have a timber gazebo which is very handy in the summer when I want a bit of shade.

Our First Blog Entry

11th May 2021

Good morning to all hope you are all staying safe.  I love creating timber and composite decking, the garden benches I make have proved very popular with many homes using right now. Getting the garden in shape over the past covid year has proved very good for our health long may it continue.

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Today has been a good day

Composite Decking 

What is composite decking?

Composite wood decking combines the best of both worlds, bringing together the durable, low maintenance qualities of plastic with the natural appeal of wood-fibres to create a strong, future proof decking material which lasts years longer than traditional wood decking.

Our composite wood decking is built to withstand the elements, simply put, it won’t rot, mould, warp or suffer from scratches and fading typically associated with regular wood decking.

It looks great, it’s build to last and it’s practically maintenance free. what’s not to like?

Look and feel

This is subjective, but we believe that composite wood decking provides a much more consistent and smart aesthetic, without imperfections and varying grain in it’s finish.


No need to treat, oil or regularly otherwise maintain your decking


Your decking will stay the same as the day you put it down


Perfect for environments where safety is a concern or children may be present

Timber decking can be prone to splinters if not properly cared for along with other issues caused by weathering. Composite decking will retain it’s look regardless of your climate.


Traditional wood decking can last a lifetime when installed properly but this will require regular maintenance (including stain and moisture prevention). Composite decking requires far less maintenance, in-fact, simply cleaning it regularly will provide a life-span of 20-30 years – with basically no effort or loss in looks and quality!

A wood/timber decking which has not been sufficiently maintained will often need replacing in as little as five to ten years.


Wooden decking is commonly seen as the cheaper, more conventional route to obtaining your garden deck. The initial cost of a quality Composite Wood Shop deck may thus seem expensive compared to a wooden one, but the investment is one that is guaranteed to pay off.

The associated costs of maintaining a traditional wood decking (stains, oils and other treatment materials) aren’t necessary for composite wood decking, which means you can easily re-cooperate the initial outlay cost well within 10 years.